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If you are thinking about having plastic surgery, you should seek a Board-Certified Surgeon in Iran who has experience in the field, and will work with you to understand your needs. Every surgeon is not reliable .If you are looking for a plastic surgeon in Tehran; Dr. Behzad Farrokhi can provide the information to allow you to make an educated decision about your procedure of choice.

Biography of Dr. Behzad Farrokhi:

Behzad Farrokhi, graduated from Tizhoshan Allame Heli High School in Tehran in 1985, passed the national universities entrance exam in the same year and entered the Tehran Medical University studying medicine.

He attended the Tehran Medical University department of General surgery in 1995 for his surgical residency programs and received Board of General surgery in 1999.

Furthermore; He started his plastic surgery in the Iran Medical University in 2005 and completed his certification in 2008. In the same year he studied Maxillofacial fellowship for short period of time in the Sick Kids Hospital located in Toronto, Canada. His been honored with the well-known professor named Dr.Zuker and Dr.Fisher .

He used their guidance in his fellowship studying. Later he returned to Iran and practiced since as an active plastic surgeon. He is trying to keep himself up-to-date in regard plastic surgery techniques.


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