Cardiovascular Centers


Cardiovascular diseases and their related deaths are considered one of the major public health problems in today's societies. Considering the role of research in development and health of society in sustainable development, Cardiovascular Research Centers in Iran have focused all their efforts on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, especially coronary atherosclerosis, the use of stem cells for treatment, and applying genetic knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Utilizing knowledge and abilities of basic science researchers (Genetics, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Pharmacology, Immunology, etc.) and other physicians, Iran's Cardiovascular Research Centers provide new treatment (stem cells) and new diagnostic techniques (Genetics) for cardiovascular patients. These centers also monitor and evaluate services provided to patients

Benefiting from local qualified specialists in cardiology, pediatric cardiology, and heart surgery fields, and expansion of sub-specialized branches of cardiology including interventional cardiology, echocardiography, and electrophysiology, cardiovascular centers in Iran are continuously being developed. Despite common medical diagnostic facilities and technology centers around the world, these centers continuously offer their services in a wide range of cardiovascular diseases. The services of these centers are divided into the following branches

Internal medicine-cardiovascular diseases, medical treatment, left and right heart catheterization, diagnostic coronary and peripheral vascular angiography

Intravascular ultrasound ,invasive medical treatment



Cardiovascular surgery

Peripheral vascular intervention

Pediatric Heart

 (EECP) and the use of stem cells

Heart transplant

Health clinics for the prevention, detection and control of major risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. These clinics try to rehabilitate patients so that they can modify their lifestyle and maintain their health

Diagnostic measures for diagnosing diseases in children and teenagers

Treatment measures for  diseases in children and teenagers including

Pharmacological treatment of heart diseases

Heart defects treatment by angiography without performing open surgery

Treatment of heart rhythm disorders by burning abnormal electrical pathways of the heart using angiography





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