Dental Centers

Dentistry is a specialized science that provides oral health as an important part of body and spirit health, beauty, and speech. This science can also help to diagnose many diseases in the early stages and prevent their progressions. Dental services are provided as a specialty, including:


Repair and Cosmetic dentistry


Repair dentistry is one of the fields of dentistry that involves both sciences and arts. It includes diagnosis and treatment of damages , decay of dental surfaces, improvement in the shapes and colors of front teeth, repair of broken teeth, the closing of the gaps between teeth, inlays and onlays, glass-fiber-reinforced crowns, and improvement in the look of smiles




Performing superior and well-known systems of implant suc as ITI (International team of Implantology) made by Straumann of Swiss and BIOHORIZONS of USA with life time guarantee and valid implant passport in all around the world with highest quality by Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons and periodontists

Advantages of dental implants

    Replacement of lost teeth
  Prevention of porosity and degeneration of facial bones. This will, in turn, prevent the formation of depressions and creases and of the appearance of old age
  Regaining self-confidence in people who, for whatever reason, have lost their teeth
  Stabilization of loose teeth in old people
  Removing dental bridges that cause abrasion of healthy teeth
  Improved chewing that will prevent diseases of the digestive tract
  Preservation of the tone of the voice of the patient when speaking
  Ease and simplicity of keeping the mouth and teeth hygienic
  More enduring and longer-lasting treatment compared to using bridges, crowns, posts and cores, or dentures
  Lower long-term costs compared to shorter-enduring treatments





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